The Circus

This is Salt City Sprints, the premiere Gold Sprints racing crew from Salt Lake City, Utah. We have been putting on Gold Sprints races for quite some time now. We have run events all over for clients such as Specialized Bicycles, Scott Bicycles, PowerBar,eBay, Bacardi, 42 Below Vodka, Kreitler, Sportcrafters, and Velo City Bags, but what we really like to do is throw parties where anyone and everyone gets to come and race!

Racers compete against a friend, a foe or someone they’ve never met.  We don’t care who pairs up, but when the count down finishes and the crowd yells “GO” they’d better be ready to pedal their legs off. People think 500 meters is a long distance to cover, but because the bicycles are mounted on a near frictionless roller system, the distance can be covered quite fast. A man once covered 500 meters in 14 seconds, but that’s because he was a former Olympian.  Sprint events are fun and sometimes unpredictable; no matter what though, a good time at The Circus is almost guaranteed.